let us answer your questions…

…so we can tell you why Abridge Vehicle Management should be your first choice


Is AVM just a leasing company?

We like to think we are much more than that. It’s the care we offer even before you lease a car, and the service we provide during your contract that makes us different from the rest.

So you don't just deliver cars?

No. We deliver the cars that you need to provide a superior service to your Customers, and we help you manage your fleet for maximum profitability and efficiency.

What are your credentials?

We’ve been in business since 2003, delivered well over 30,000 courtesy cars to bodyshops and insurers, and list some of the biggest names in UK insurance sector amongst our satisfied Clients.

Can I amend mileage on a contract?

Yes, depending on the remaining term.

Whose responsibility is it to service the car?

All cars are serviced in line with the manufacturer’s service requirements.  These can either be serviced by yourselves using manufacturer approved parts or we can provide a fixed price service solution.

What happens at end of your contract?

We will remind you that the vehicle has neared the end of its contract. Once the vehicle is on your site and been prepared to BVRLA standards you simply notify us that it’s ready to go. The vehicle is then inspected/collected.

What about end of life costs?

All end-of-life costs are regulated to BVRLA standards. Contracts remain at the standard rental rate and there are no additional late hire charges.  Any required contract extensions are by prior approval only.